Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Exterior Update: The Reveal

The first time I laid eyes on our house it looked like this...
But in my mind it looked more like this...

& a few times along the way it looked like this...
Along the way it was easy to get lost in whichever project we were working on at the time and lose sight of my original vision, making it hard to imagine what it would like when "finished" (if we will ever be finished I don't know!) And now, though there are still numerous things to do inside and outside I am so glad that it finally looks more like what I imagined it would all those months ago (we closed on our house in September 2012)!

Here's a list of the exterior updates that we made:
-adding a false gable (you can see it framed out in the picture above)
-new soffit & fascia
-new siding
-new roof
-new shutters
-paint the brick part of the house to match the new siding
-new porch railings
-new concrete walkway and steps
-raised garden bed
-and in the back we tore out the old deck and put in a brick paver patio

 PS Can you find the puggle in the picture above??

& I love our new window box,  more on that next!

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  1. what a transformation! you guys did a great job! love your color choices. with that gray background, I can just imagine flowering perineals of every color in front of your new home and either a red or yellow door. job well done!!!

  2. The false gable addition is what I liked most about the house. It would be a bigger project and would probably prolong your renovation, if you actually made a gable front. It is still as charming and upscale, anyway. Kristopher@Blair Construction

  3. Very dramatic before and after photographs of your home. Great job!