Sunday, June 2, 2013

First Anniversary!

All of our wedding and engagement photos are thanks to Lauryn Galloway Photography
It's hard to believe it's been a year today since Matt & I exchanged vows.   It's been a whirlwind year without a doubt-we have squeezed more changes into the past year than most couples face in 5 years.  About a week after we were married Matt moved to Winchester for a new job opportunity that we couldn't turn down while I stayed behind in Roanoke to finish 6 more months of school.  Then came house shopping (in July) and finally closing on our first house in September.  Then renovations started in October. Studying for the biggest exam of my life, graduation, and moving out of my Roanoke apartment came in December.  Right before Christmas we started moving into our house (but the projects didn't stop there, sorry Matt!) and then in January I started my first job as a Physician Assistant and Matt started another new job with a much shorter commute. 

We are thankful to finally feel settled in our home and grateful for all the opportunities that presented in the past year that lead us to here.  We spent our anniversary at the Inn at Vaucluse Spring which is where I got ready with my bridesmaids last year before our wedding and where Matt and I stayed after the wedding.  It was nice to be back there again, especially since this time we had a little more time to relax than we did last year!
We spent Saturday afternoon at Barrel Oak Winery after we took our favorite four-leggeds to Elizabeth Furnace

Happy 1st anniversary Matt! Thanks for supporting my crazy and occasionally last minute project ideas, being my running buddy, and most of all for choosing to love me every day whether I'm at my best or my worst.  You're the best.