Friday, November 30, 2012

Closing One Door

I'm starting to pack up our apartment in Roanoke. It's sad.  And exciting. I will miss Roanoke and our apartment on Washington Ave.  I took some pictures today of how it looks now since it will probably start to look different (and feel less like home) with each box I pack.

The Kitchen:

The bedrooms:

The dining room:

& the office:

I'll miss the character of this apartment. It has been a quaint and safe place to live while going to school and we have so many pleasant memories here.  I'll miss being two seconds away from a dog park (as will Ace and Avery).  However, I won't miss washing all of our dishes by hand or going to the laundry mat/dragging our clothes home when we visit our parents.  I'm excited to truly make our new home our own; as renters it just hasn't made sense to invest time or money in painting and other updates to our apartment that would have made it more our own.


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